Inner Circle Initiative

The inner circle initiative was created to further speed up the intended impact of Tech Communities in Jigawa State. While this is not limited to Jigawa State indigenes, they will be preferred during the selection process.

The Inner circle will be launched on the 1 year anniversary of DevC Dutse which is on July 21st 2019. However, Registration has started already and their are only 20 slots available (15 Male and 5 Female) for now with more slots to be added later.

Remember to have telegram app installed on your phone before applying, if you do not have it installed and registered to the number you provided on the registration form, you will be disqualified!

Perks of Joining the Inner Circle

  • Access to a paid online course free of charge once every 6 Months
  • Specialized swags for members of the inner circle including T-Shirts, Flasks, Stickers, etc.
  • Access to casual tech jobs as they come up
  • Opportunity to become an expert in any tech field of your choice


  • You must have a GitHub account (You can create one free if you don’t already have one on
  • You will be required to be active online on the Facebook Developer Circles Dutse group by posting and commenting at least once every month
  • If you are awarded a free online course, you must complete the course within a specified time and present the certificate as evidence
  • You must attend all tech meetups you are invited to either in person or online.
  • The inner circle maintains a Telegram group. you must have telegram installed at all times and be ready to respond to messages and answer any polls posted in the group.

How to Apply

To apply, fill out the form on this page

Plant a Tree Now

By Aliyu Salihi Sagagi

There is a sign of relief in the eyes of farmers these few days with the return of Harmattan. Toward the end of last month, we unexpectedly experienced some drops of rain about twice or thrice that pose a serious threat to irrigation crops. Irrigation farmers were worried that what their crops need at that material time was Harmattan not Rainfall and that the weather was slowly becoming unpredictable.

I could remember at the beginning of last rainy season there were minor storms in Bauchi, Katsina, Kaduna and Kano, indicating a meteorological change in the status quo of our climate. All these rare occurrences are pointing to one universal reality; *Global warming*. Unknown to many, we are having our own fair share of the problem, even though the heat we normally experience in dry season is yet to shoot up as seen in some sub Saharan countries.

The food security of the country is being threaten because most of our farmers (rightly) rely on their own long standing knowledge to predict when and what to plant at point in time. Unpredictability of weather or, at worst, gatecrashing of one season into another is a nightmare anywhere anytime.

As a matter of urgency, government has a lot to do which include (among others); guard against illegal burning of trees, provide weather friendly stoves to rural communities to discourage them from cutting down trees, engage in sustainable mass tree planting program such as planting cash crop trees and replace tree with tree(not mere flower) at all government construction sites. Development is no excuse to distort nature for today there are more trees in London than humans and even in the most luxurious streets of New York and Hong Kong there are trees.

Although government has a major role in addressing this issue, we, at individual and group level, can play vital role in saving our environment. Plant a tree in the compound or backyard of your house not just flowers; plant one or two in front of the house; encourage your neighbors to do the same; gradually make your neighborhood look like a garden; it’ll benefit everybody and harm nobody.

Humans can’t live without trees but trees can live without humans. We need them more then they need us. it’s a basic biology.